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Infinity pool looking out to the pitons

St. Lucia Travel Tips

St. Lucia is an English speaking Caribbean island nation. According to the Canadian governement, travelers should exercise a high degree of caution as it is a developing nation. Medical resources are limited, the infrastructure is not established and crime rates are moderate. Bring mosquito repellant to protect yourself from mosquito-borne disease

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30

For more travel advisory information for St. Lucia, please visit Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Jade Mountain Resort - A Once in a Lifetime Experience

If you have managed to save up some (ok, you've squirreled away a lot) money for a romantic and relaxing vacation but do not know where to spend it, consider St. Lucia. Not just anywhere, but at Jade Mountain, a luxury resort. Nelson and I managed to get away mid December 2008. Opt for the helicopter ride from the airport to the resort as it will save you a lot of time. The drive would be around 60 minutes and not entirely on paved roads. The helicopter ride takes 8 minutes, leaving us with more time to stand in our "sanctuary" in utter disbelief. Although we knew what we were going to get based on the information on their website, it is not real until you are actually standing in your room with only three walls. The missing fourth wall provides an open, clear view of St. Lucia's infamous Pitons. No, it is not a huge glass wall - it is completely open meaning that we are awake when the sun rises because there are no blinds to keep it dark; there is no alarm clock because the birds are chirping and flying over your bed at dawn; your room is swept everyday because the leaves blow in in the evenings; no air-conditioning unit can be found because...well, you are partially outside. Oh, did I mention that in addition to the hot tub which they prepare for you in the evenings, we had our own private infinity pool? If you are still unhappy, pick up the little cell phone the staff provide you with to reach one of your four "major domos", better known as butlers. There is no TV, radio or wi-fi in your room. The concept seems bizarre because how can one live without any connection to the rest of the world? Trust me, it is easy once you accept that you are in paradise. Although the resort does throw manager's parties on the beach or in the lounge, if you simply want to spend a quiet evening together, just the two of you, you can sprawl out on the loungers in your room and stare up at the stars and planets while listening to the classical guitarist performing several floors up. Why is it that music sounds so much more beautiful when played under the starry sky with a glass of champaign and a box of chocolates? It would've been absolutely perfect it it wasn't for the notorious tree frogs chirping all through the night. But even then, you just accept it. After a long day of catching some rays on the beach and sipping tropical cocktails, you can sleep through anything.

  • Private bridges leading to each sanctuary
  • View of the pitons from the lounge
  • Sanctuary by night
  • Sanctuary by day
  • Lunch on a private beach
  • Beach sunset

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