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About the travelers


Her smile lights up the room. Her laugh will cheer you up when you’re having one of those days. She is always living her life to the fullest. Her competitive nature keeps her going even when she is feeling the need to call it quits. This pushes her to always set new mental and physical goals.

No mountain is too muddy to hike. No ocean is too cold to swim. No mall is too big to shop. This is my beautiful wife Jaime.

Having spent most of her life in the Great White North, Jaime is always eager to experience the rest of the world, whether it is an adventurous hike through a sweltering rainforest, or a relaxing retreat on a tropical beach.

A self-proclaimed super taster, she is the boss when we are choosing a wine, although I’d like to think that I am the boss the rest of the time. She enjoys photography as much as I do, and often finds the winning composition while I’m still fiddling with my settings. As a travel companion, she has everything I could ask for… a love for adventure, a taste for fine food, and a desire for running water and a comfy bed every night. As a life companion, she is more than I could have wished for!

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What can I say about my wonderful husband, Nelson? He is incredibly smart. It was a combination of his shy smile and quiet intelligence that stole my heart, along with his stealthiness on the Ultimate field.

Nelson is a major geek, and I say that with absolute affection (I love geeks!). When he is not working, he is reading about cameras. If he is not reading about cameras, it is not unusual to find him walking around the house with one of his many cameras, taking photos of anything and everything in order to master white balance, exposure and whatever else is required to take amazing photos. He does take great pictures.

Guess how many laptops we have? Four, plus a desktop. There are two of us. I dare not ask why because the last time I did, he asked me why I needed so many pairs of shoes, or why I needed an assortment of handbags. Every girl knows why, but it is too difficult to explain to a purely logical mind.

So stop by sometime. He might just whip up something scrumptious for you. On top of everything else, he is also a great cook. What more can a girl ask for?

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Upcoming travel plans

October 18, 2009

We are hoping to be able to get away during Jaime’s Christmas break. Inconveniently, this means we will be traveling during high season unless she is able to convince the college to shift their closure dates - highly unlikely.

The plan is/was to spend a week in Barbados, but let us see if we can find some reasonably priced tickets.

Suggest a location

We are always seeking out new places to visit. The problem is, the world is so big that it can be difficult to narrow down the options. We are hoping to take our next trip in March 2010 for 2.5 weeks. Please provide us with some suggestions based on your travel experiences.

Which continent would you suggest?

Be Prepared

You have decided to go on a much deserved vacation. Whether you have already booked your trip are in the process of deciding where to go, always be prepared before and during your trip. Standard things that often get overlooked include:

  • Is your passport valid for at least the next six months?
  • Do you require a visitor visa for the area you are traveling to?
  • If you intend on renting a car, do you require an international drivers license? What are the driving laws? Does your credit card provide you with insurance/liability?
  • Do you have medical/travel insurance?
  • Are there any mandatory vaccinations required? You may wish to check Canada's Public Health Agency's website for additional notices. Do your research in advance because certain vaccinations, like hepatitis, come in 2-3 doses spread out over a number of months.
  • Are there any serious travel advisories issued for the country you are interested in? Visit the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website for details.
  • What currency is accepted? Make sure you carry the credit card you have booked with, just in case.
  • Have you provided a copy of your itinerary to a close family member? You may also wish to provide them with a photocopy of your passport.