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My Work


Photoshop, wordpress, jquery, html, css | 2012 | www.comwave.net

Agency: OneMethod Digital+Design

comwave screenshot - comwave.net

OneMethod is an award-winning digital design agency in Toronto.

I was given the designs for the Comwave website, which I coded in HTML and CSS. My HTML templates were then turned into Wordpress templates and set up as a multisite in order to create a multi-language website for the client. In addition to the website, I assisted in creating a Facebook page to promote signup.

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Facebook, photoshop, html, css | 2012 | Biore Campaign

Agency: OneMethod Digital+Design

Biore campaign

As part of Biore's campaign to promote their new product packaging, I was responsible for building their Facebook 'like' page
and 3 different emails which were focused on expanding their social media presence. Each email was sent out over a three month timeframe.


Photoshop, acrobat, html, css and cms | 2011 | www.airmiles.ca

Agency: Squareknot

AIR MILESs screenshot - airmiles.ca

Squreknot (previously Direct Antidote) is part of the LoyaltyOne group of companies, best known for helping AIR MILES become one of the most successful loyalty programs in the world. I was hired on contract as a Web Publisher, assisting in putting up daily offers on the AIR MILES website. I worked closely with their account managers on a daily basis.

The offers I was responsible for resided under Earn Miles - Offers & Promotions. Offers would be created using their custom CMS. I also created slider images on their homepage, assisted in the QA process (testing offers created by colleagues) and created PDF coupons which would be linked to from their site.

Franklin Templeton Investments Canada

Photoshop, flash, acrobat, html, css and cms | 2011 | www.franklintempleton.ca

Client: Franklin Temepleton Investments

Franklin Templeton screenshot - franklintempletong.ca

Franklin Templeton Investments Canada was in the process of re-launching their website. I was hired to re-create 800+ pages (bilingual investor and advisor pages) using their new framework. Their old site was mainly built using tables, so the task involved significant HTML and CSS changes, along with changes to some Java and JavasScript. The client had budgeted 8 weeks for completion. I managed to complete it in 5.5 weeks so I had time to assist with the widening of images and some of the Flash pieces for the new site. I also updated content and pages on their live site as required, and once the CMS was set up, I created the necessary pages and input content for testing.

Red Umbrella Services

Photoshop, xhtml, css | 2011 | redumbrellaservices.com

Agency: Freelance project

Red Umbrella Services - redumbrellaservices.com

Red Umbrella Services Ltd. came to me with a design and asked me build the site. This was a straight forward job, requiring HTML, CSS and the use of Google Fonts.

Antoinette Russell

Concept and web design, photoshop, xhtml, css | 2011 | antoinetterussell.com

Agency: Freelance project

Antoinette Russell :: Change Consultant - antoinetterussell.com

Antoinette is a Management Consultant who needed an online presence so she approached me for a portfolio site. Based on the service she provides, the types of clients she works with and the content to be used on the site, I created a simple layout. Her target clients are usually pressed for time, so a simple layout with a clear navigation makes it easy for the user to quickly get the information they are looking for. Antoinette wanted a clean, minimalistic look, hence the softer colour scheme. Readability is achieved through typography and distinguishable headers. Contrast, line-height and line-length were also taken into consideration to achieve good legibility and readibility.


Photoshop, html , css, jquery | 2011 | Nokia Ovi Suite

Agency: OneMethod Digital+Design

Nokia email and Ovi demo screen shots

I was contracted by OneMethod to code an HTML email to advise their users of the latest software update.

Nokia Ovi Suite is an application for Nokia users to connect their devices with their computer. OneMethod asked me to translate their Ovi Interactive Demo/Mobile App from English to Spanish. In addition to HTML and CSS, this task required some Photoshop work, and replacing their current English video demo with the Spanish version. The code had already pre-existed, which meant it was a simple video swap. This demo/mobile app invites users to understand the entire suite of Ovi services.

Erin Park Lexus

Photoshop slicing, html, css and javascript | 2010 | www.erinparklexus.com

Agency: Dashboard Communications

Erin Park Lexus screenshot - erinparklexus.com

My main involvement was image slicing and assisting in the creation of page mockups based on PSD files. In addition, I created the finance calculator using JavaScript.

Hellmann's Real Food Movement contest emails

Photoshop slicing, html (table-format) and css | 2010 | www.realfoodmovement.ca/freerun (note: contest now closed)

Agency: Dashboard Communications

Hellmann's Real Food Movement contest emails

Contest related emails for Hellmann's Real Food Movement. The various email layouts were based on design comps, which I sliced as images and HTML in Photoshop and imported into Dreamweaver. In order to have the emails display properly in numerous browsers and email clients, I had to edit the Photoshop pre-compiled HTML to include inline CSS and wrap/nest tables as necessary.

Copy decks were provided shortly afterwards with the English to French translations. I tried to reuse as much of the English version sliced elements as possible to save time. This required combing through each table and adjusting widths and heights after inserting newly sliced pieces.

Heart & Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery

Wordpress, php, html, css and photoshop | March 2010 to present | heartandstroke-centrestrokerecovery.ca

Agency: Freelance

Centre for Stroke Recovery screenshot - heartandstroke-centrestrokerecovery.ca

Since completing the Web Design, Development & Maintenance program at Humber College, I have been maintaining the Heart & Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery website. The site was built on the Wordpress platform. I continue to work with the client to update content, links and to provide any additional needs, such as registration forms for annual events. In addition, I regularly backup the site and perform Wordpress upgrades as they are released.

Hope Foundation

Concept and web design, photoshop and illustrator, php, MySQL, actionscript 3.0, xhtml and css programming | 2010 | hope.explosiveblooms.com

Hope Foundation screenshot - Hope.com

A fundraising website for a fictitous organization. The site allows for participants to register, upload their image and provide information to populate their profile page. They have the option to send emails to possible sponsors through the site. Sponsors are able to make a donation (currently sponsors are only able to make donations via an email link from the registrant), and once the donation has been completed, the registrants profile page is updated immediately to reflect the new donation.

‘Squished’ Microblog

Concept and web design, photoshop, illustrator, php, MySQL, xhtml and css programming | 2010 | www.explosiveblooms.com/sites/microblog

Squish screenshot - www.explosiveblooms.com/sites/microblog

A personal microblog website. The name of the site was created based on the fact that each entry was limited to 140 characters – all my thoughts had to be condensed or ‘squished’. The work included designing and developing the theme and layout, as well as the content management system. Click here to view a sample set of posts as a guest.

Passport, Camera, Sunscreen....Let's Go!

Concept and web design, photoshop, xhtml and css programming | 2009 | www.explosiveblooms.com/sites/comp1

Passport, Camera, Sunscreen....Let's Go! screenshot

A personal travel information/journal website. This was my first full website, from concept to completion. Wireframing was produced using HotGloo. Tabbed navigation buttons were created in Photoshop CS4 and animated with CSS. All photos were taken by us, the travelers. The slideshow technique seen on various pages was accomplished through the use of JQuery.

2010 Vancouver Olympics

Web design, photoshop, flash, xhtml and css programming | 2009 | www.explosiveblooms.com/sites/olympics

2010 Vancouver Olympics screenshot

This project was accomplished using Dreamweaver's design mode. The objective was to pull together something visually interesting, with a Flash element, attempting to create the entire site in design mode. We were required to include real images and text found online. Although it is nice to know that one can create sites in Dreamweaver without coding knowledge, I am much more comfortable hand-coding my websites.

The Flash element is displayed on the home page as a banner. The tunnel effect does look interesting, and it is very easily accomplished. You simply need a rotating ring of rings, and to fake the effect of a curving tunnel, I simply slid the main ring over every few frames.

XHTML Calendar

Design, photoshop, xhtml and css programming | 2009 | www.explosiveblooms.com/sites/calendar/october.html

XHTML Calendar

The very first page I created, back in October 2009 (I've come a long way!). The acorns are aligned nicely as this was also my first experience with tables.

Clicking on the full year link will take you to a completely different type of calendar. I won't say too much about it, other than I had stumbled upon a blog belonging to this guy that decided to hold a calendar contest. The main rules were that it had to be a full year calendar, and it had to fit in the palm of your hand. I saw a version of this calendar and I found it intriguing and decided to make it online. Warning: do not attempt to decipher it when intoxicated.