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Hello, I'm Jaime, a front-end web developer in Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my portfolio.

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I enjoy designing and developing dynamic sites. I am an advodate of web standards and have a great interest in clean code, useability and accessibility. I continually strive to develop my knowledge of the latest design trends and methodology through reading, speaking to people in the industry, and practice.

My current objective is simple - to deliver beautiful websites that enhance and enrich the end user experience.

Check out some of my work. If you start thinking to yourself that I'm the right person to help you on your next project, contact me. I look forward to working with you.

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Featured Work


Red Umbrella Services

Red Umbrella Services Ltd. came to me with a design and asked me build the site. This was a straight forward job, requiring HTML, CSS and the use of Google Fonts.

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‘Squished’ Microblog

Blogs have really gained popularity over the years. As our lives get busier, we do not always attempt to share our thoughts in complete sentences anymore. Our assignment was to create a microblog. Microblogging is a form of blogging, but consists of no more than 140 characters, which is how I came up with the name ‘Squished’ for my site.

From a programming perspective, the intial requirements for this project was simple. I took it a step further and implemented a registration for new users. Once you are a member, you are given your own page for posting your own Squished thoughts.

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Passport, Camera, Sunscreen....Let's Go!

Our families enjoy hearing about our trips and our friends that are planning trips to places we have visited want to know what they can expect. This travel site provides first hand experiences and other useful tips.

This was my first full website. It was created strictly using XHTML and CSS; however, to maintain this site style (content-heavy), it would be easier with text files and some PHP. Some interesting elements within the site include tab-styled navigation using Photoshop and CSS, maps with hotspots and image galleries using a jQuery plugin.

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